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tv   Wusa 9 News Saturday at 7am  CBS  July 23, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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right now at 7 one of 20 people to have served as a mayor governor and u.s. senator tim cane is set to be formally introduced as hilary clinton's vice presidential pick. and the heat wave is cranking up. who could see heat index values over by this afternoon. and breaking news out of germany this morning why police now believe yesterday's mall shoot questioning in munich had no connection to isis. the news starts right now. welcome to the weekend friends this is the saturday edition of wake up washington kicking it off from the
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the sunrising so too is the mercury friends. we are cranking up that heat. thanks so much for starting your saturday with us. i'm nick along side melissa. we beat the heat across the country. >> not just here but a large portion of the country going to see unbelievable heat and humidity and it's going to be dangerous to be outside for long periods of time so that's why there's a yellow weather alert today, tomorrow and monday not for thunderstorms but for the heat. right now as you walk outside it's going to be feeling pretty muggy outside and that's thanks to the mild temperatures from last night and the really muggy air in place. 81 didn't even make it into the 70s last night dropping down on 80 in d.c. a northwest wind and a lot of spots also in the 00s this morning. lorraine, lucky you made it to 68 but everybody else starting
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in the 70s. 79 in andrews. for today hayes hot and humid- -hazy hot and humid making it into the low 90s throughout the 90s this afternoon and just a stray shower or thunderstorm today so not much relief from the heat. heat index factoring in the humidity today already by noon feeling like 100 to 106 this afternoon in d.c. feeling like 107 in leesburg. we have a heat advisory from the national weather service for a good chunk of the area because the heat index will be so high. we'll talk about the rest of the weekend and when the heat will finally start to back down coming up in just a bit. coming out of prince georges county a pedestrian was hit and killed in capital heights around 10:00 last night near the intersection of richie road and edge worth drive. the man who was hit by an suv was not in the cross walk at
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the driver stayed on the scene and the intersection reopened around 2:00 a.m. virginia senator tim cane is set to stand alongside hilary clinton for the first time as her running mate. she confirmed it late last night. his name had been in the conversation from the out set of clinton's search. they take the stage today in a rally in miami. how is this pick being received? nicky joins us live from bob indeedit's diner in arlington. this has got to make for good conversation especially given his background and history here in the commonwealth. >> it's a hot topic considering cane's history in the state of virginia. he has a long resume starting with mayor, lieutenant governor and then governor but hillary made her
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the democratic family convention lieutenant governor and mayor of virginia. that's quite a history known as a moderate virginia senator. hillary dubbed as a relentless opt mist. he learned to speak spanish and as a mers nay and use it in his term as governor. he's married, a father of three and a catholic. there's mixed reaction. some people expected this pick and others are really surprised by it. >> i thought elizabeth warren or another woman politician she was going to pick so that was surprising. >> he's a great guy. i like him. i don't care about hillary that much but he's a nice person. >> hillary and cane will appear together today in a rally in miami. in arlington, wusa 9. >> we'll be checking in
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clinton side by side today in florida and philly next week for the democratic national convention. adam and pete will both be there and have live reports all week long on wusa 9 and facebook starting at 11: 00 sunday night. not only are diners talking about the cane selection, so too is the donald himself fresh off his convention celebration. he thanked supporters in cleveland yesterday and wasted no time before turning his attention to clinton. >> hillary signed a vice president because she wants to take away the success that we had at this convention. >> trump sent a text to supporters calling the pair the ultimate insiders. turning now to breaking news just in our news rooms from munich german police just gave an update on yesterday's shooting
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they raided the house and found no evidence of any links to isis, no indications anyone else was involved beyond the one shooter. prosecutors are classifying this attack as a classic shooting rampage not terrorism. at least nine people killed 16 others wounded before the shooter apparently took his own life. we are in the thick of a heat wave here in the district and it's time to take things seriously. the city has enacted it's emergency heat plan through monday and that happens if the heat index is 95 degrees or above. the plan provides a course of action for services to help residents seeking relief from rising temperatures including taking care of the elderly. senior centers are opening their doors as official cooling centers. elderly residents are eastbound court and juried top call 311 to find out where to beat the heat. >> the best th
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hydrated. drink lots of water and if you can get into an air conditioned place. >> the d.c. office on aging has out reach i coordinators who will check in on seniors in need who cannot get to the cooling centers. spray parks are stepping their hours today as well. download the wusa 9 app of spray parks pools and cooling centers 24/7. we are not the only ones but the oppressive heat being down on 122 million americans. temperatures are expected to hit 90 degrees somewhere in every single state but washington this weekend. the three largest cities, new york, los angeles and chicago are under heat wave alerts. the museum remains closed today following a power outage that effected multiple museums yesterday. they are hoping to fi
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by this afternoon. the outage forced many museums including the american indian museum to close early yesterday. we are still waiting to hear whether the museums that closed yesterday early will reopen today. tracking metro now a first look at your long make over safe track plan. adam longo got to see some of the repairs being made to the orange and silver lines. if you commute through virginia both lines single tracking between ball stone and east balls church. crews are replacing 1300 rail ties. >> how to maximize our time on the track and get as much work done as possible and that work that we already did. >> metro is going through and replacing hundred of bolts
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over haul that wraps up at the end of the month, at least this phase of the safe track plan. local farms are be to be celebrates this weekend the annual farm harvest. people can enjoy music at 16 area farms running 10 to 4 rain or shine. make sure you bring your water. >> i was out there on thursday. lots of fun. if you have been waiting to adopt a pet today is a good day to do so. local shelters offering discounted adoptions called clear the shelters. connecting animals in need with new loving families. the event is held today from 10 to 5. still to come this week the nba pulled their all star game from charlotte. are others going to follow the lead? >> what north carolina's governor has to say abouth
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happening. also talking a
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. we are talking looking live right notch at ocean city. what a day to be in the water. not on the beach itself. we are talking last weekend about a heat dome baking much of the united states yesterday. get this every state in the lower 48 minus washington hit 90 degrees somewhere. we literally were baking. >> the ocean would feel really good today too. the water temperature right now is 72 or 73 so that would feel refreshing. a spray park, area pool. >> there's a beautiful one in the navy yard i walked by a couple days ago that looked like a
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>> i'm sure they are going to be packed this weekend. i can only imagine how many kids will be flocking there. don't forget the heat is deceptive so get side tracked and all of a sudden you realize you are dehydrated and burnt. so keep that in mind. let's step outside with our sun weather camera this morning. a hazy hot and humid day ahead. temperature right now 81 didn't make it into the 00s last night feeling like 85 the dew point at 71 degrees. that is just a measure of how humid it is outside. now this would be higher today than it was yesterday and the monday looks even higher than today and what that means is each day that dew point well into the70s our heat index value is well over 100 degrees feeling like on your skin this afternoon. if you need some exercise and wa
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walk do it now before 10 or 11:00 a.m. it's going to be uncomfortable and unhealthy to be outside for long periods of time. 77 in chevy chase and 75 in clinton. 79 in andrews and 73 in fredricksburg for the feels like temperature. here's a yellow weather alert for high heat. high heat index, out door exercise not recommended throughout the afternoon and evening timeframes. you need to stay hydrated especially spending any amount of time out doors. that heat can get to you very quickly and don't forget to check on kids. young kids are susceptible to heat illnesses from spending time out doors. check on your elderly and pets as well. their little paws cannot handle the heat on the concrete. our heat advisory today through monday. 90s unfortunately are going to be around all next week and the reason why we've got this heat stone that is just going to st
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temperatures in the 90s all the way through the work week. so here's your day planner today lunch time in the low 90s climbing to the upper 90s today and i think we are all going to stay below 100 today but still factoring in the humidity going to feel unbelievably hot. look at the heat index feels like temperatures into the middle of the afternoon 106 is what it's going to feel like through the afternoon including the nats game this evening at 7:00 p.m. stay in the shade for that. i think the heat is going to peak into monday. look at that 109 is what it feels like monday afternoon and a lot of temperatures monday going to feel close to 100. later in the work week you'll notice temperatures do back down a bit but we are still in the 90s all the way through next friday. nick? >> all right we have covered some disturbing ingredients found in drinking water across the country but coming up you've probably
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welcome back to wake up washington. in the news right now following back lash north carolina's bathroom bill has been called the pga tour announced it will not follow the nba's lead and is keeping one of it's tournaments in north carolina after the nba decided to pull the all
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charlotte in response to hb2. part of the law says which bathroom people can use. pat mccrory stood by it yesterday. >> in any decision i make i pick common sense values to protect our children in our schools over money. >> now this move reportedly takes $100 million off the table for north carolina not getting this all star game. and men's college basketball is reviewing whether to restrict north carolina to host tournament games as well so continuing to check this for sure. bottled water being distributed to residents. officials investigate the possibility that a marijuana chemical has contaminated the water supply. it's believed thc which is marijuana's psycho active ingredient may be in that water and that has yet to be confirmed. officials still waiting on test
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crews battling a fast moving brushfire out of los angeles this morning. the dry heat is fueling that blaze more than 200 homes evacuated. no structures were damaged but one firefighter did suffer minor injuries. and the sunshine may be deceptive this morning but this afternoon it will be uncomfortable and potentially dangerously hot and humid to be outside for long periods of time so we are in the brunt of the heat wave continuing for several days from here on out. get ready to spend plenty of time indoors in the ac for several hours a day. here is the day planner for today. you'll notice by lunch time we are climbing to the low 90s upper 90s today and there's just a stray shower or thunderstorm chance late afternoon into the evening. so today factoring in the humidity this is what it's going to feel like 106 record high for
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forecasting high of 92. tomorrow 98 again and the humidity down ever so slightly but it will still be dangerous to be outside for long periods of tomb so--time so limit your time out doors, light colored clothing and loose layers and stay hydrated. drink lots of water not alcoholic beverages. good morning. in today's health alert are women under going in vitro fertilization treatment at greater risk nor breast cancer? the answer is no. since estrogen levels are higher it was thought that might raise a breast cancer risk but a study of 25,000 women indicates the risk was not significantly different from that in the general population and from the risk in the non ivf group. not such encouraging news when it comes to prostate
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advanced prostate cancer cases are sky rocketing. new cases of prostate cancer rose 72% in recent years. researchers say the disease has become more aggressive or less i am tense screening guidelines led to men being diagnosed at more advanced stages. early detection saves lives. for more information we have links on our website at wusa or our free mobile app. i'm andrea rose. >> thank you. on deck, tough times for the nationals. why last night's loss to the padres had dusty baker saying i need to make some changes. plus a t-shirt controversy in the wnba. players take stand in support of black lives matter and
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it's been one of those weeks for the nationals feeling the heat literally and figuratively kispeang. one of the hottest teams in the all star break now dropped four out of five. this stage of the game almost i do not thirds of the season gone we've got to make changes. never a good sign. neither was this nats up 2-1 on the padres until melvin upton junior hits one to the left. they were just getting started. later in the inning matt kemp books a round trip. tanner roark paid for there. no coming back from this one. that's ball five. three drops roark to 9-6 on the season. pivoting now to the role
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sports and society. players and teams have shown their support for the black lives matter movement by wearing t-shirts for warm ups. they have been fined for doing so. the new york liberty, indiana fever and phoenix mercury were plt with a $5,000 fine each and ayers $500 each for a violation of the uniform policy. it's now a controversy. frank had a conversation about it with natasha cloud before last night's mystics game. >> i think electively the majority of our group is together. we have our union and we are player reps. there is 100% backing of this and unfortunately the league is not backing us right now and for us as players it's a prominent thing to stand behind each other and support each other so new york phoenix and indiana i think we are here to say we support them and what d
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bound support. finally on the football front it's almost time friends for the redskins and ravens to go camping. the ravens rookies reported for training camp on friday. the redskins open theirs thursday when you really start finding out what team you are bringing to the table. we are going to have both teams covered for you all training camp long and then it's game time. still to come in the next half hour of wake up washington everything you need to know about virginia senator tim kaine. >> heat index well over 100
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this is wake up washington on wusa 9. rise and shine dmv it is 7:30 saturday morning here in the nation's capital. consider this a siren song at reagan national. what you are seeing looks so beautiful outside but the reality is we are talking about dangerous heat all day long throughout the weekend so you may want to park it right here inside all day long or super size your water bottle. >> where is your cup of ice to go with it? i feel like i want ice poured all down me. >> it's room temperature. >> any water is good water in this kind of heat. >> amen. >> the heat is a big story. a yellow weather alert today tomorrow
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today heat index easily over 100. it's going to peak monday and i'll show you that coming up in just a bit. let's look at our weather camera this morning. it's very deceptive and muggy outside. i feel like in the one minute i was outside instantly my skin just felt like unbelievably gross and clammy. i don't know how to describe it. >> disgustingly sticky i believe you described it a minute ago. >> that's a good one. 81 last night not even into the 70s because it's been so humid and everybody was stuck in the 70s last night. la rae made it down to 68. congratulations to you. lunch time look how hot this is at lunch a heat advisory starts at noon today and runs until 8:00 p.m. during that timeframe heat index will be over 100 degrees and the peak heat index values today going to be around 106 to 107 for
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4:00 p.m. pushing the upper 90s feel like well over 100 and that's why our yellow weather alert is going to continue through the weekend. forecast highs for today, don't need you to--don't need me to tell you it's going to be hot but feels like temperature already by 1:00 p.m. feeling well over 100 and here's the peak of it 3, 4, 5:00 this afternoon do not spend a lot of time out doors. don't be exercising out there either because it will feel oppressively hot and humid. here's our heat advisory for the heat index values well over 105 this afternoon. all along the metro area along i-95 and back towards louden county as well all the way far west as cull pepper county so keep this in mind and be safe in the heat. all right let's talk more about the heat. d.c. specifically. d.c.'s heat emergency plan is going to be in effect through monday. that means officials are bracing fort heat index
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this plan provides a course of action for services to assist residents seeking relief from the heat. the city has extended spray park hours and out door pool hours as well through next week. public pools and recreation centers will be open longer today as well. senior wellness centers and public libraries will serve as cooling centers and you can always get the list of extended hours and cooling center locations by downloading our wusa 9 app. now to the campaign trail. you know i asked senator tim kaine on thursday as a matter of fact about his name being in the conversation of potential running mates for hilary clinton his response back then don't believe all of the hype. turns out the hype was real. clinton used twitter to announce her vp pick late last night. hilary clinton ended the suspense friday evening tweeting her vp pick virginia senator tim ka
7:34 am
called a relentless opt mist. the 58-year-old married father of three is catholic, fluent in spanish and a harvard law grad. the senator previously served as richmond's mayor and lieutenant governor and governor of virginia. >> he's never lost an election. he was a world class mayor, governor and senator. >> did any of you watch that convention in cleveland? >> at a rally in tampa, clinton drew sharp contrast between the g.o.p. convention in cleveland and the one she is set to host in philadelphia. >> just remember love trumps hate! [applause] >> fresh off his convention celebration donald trump thanked supporters in cleveland before taking on clinton. >> hillary is trying to pick her vice president as fast as possible because she wants to take away a little of the success we had at this convention. >> clinton and kaine will take the stage for the first time as running mates
7:35 am
rally in miami. >> given kaine's background in virginia specifically rest assured this is a hot topic at breakfast tables across the commonwealth this morning. nicky joins us live from bob and edith's diner. what are people saying about being second in command down the road possibly? >> this is absolutely a hot topic and many people here this morning have mixed reactions. first i heard from someone who said i'm not voting for hillary no matter who she choses. then i talked to someone else who says tim kaine is the perfect pick especially given his history and the mayor and lieutenant governor and now a senator. so we've gotten mixed reaction from a lot of people here. >> i'm going with hillary regardless. >> maybe she wants to attract a certain cast of voters so that's why she
7:36 am
to attract voters she's missing. >> some people speculated that hillary would have chosen elizabeth warren but they say this is a good solid pick and important pick in the battle ground state of virginia. live in arlington, wusa 9. >> kaine seen as a moderate so we'll see if he takes away from the people questioning trump right now on the republican side. interesting to see nicky. much appreciated. we of course are going to see clinton and kaine side by side today in florida and in philly for the democratic national convention next week. volunteers got a chance to see the stage and the prep put into the event. >> it's just amazing to see it transform the way it is and for the national world stage. we very, very proud of philadelphia, the building and the work that was done here and what's going to happen here. >> the convention starts monday and concludes thursday with hilaryin
7:37 am
accepting the party's nomination for president. adam longo will be there every step of the way along with pete month teen. watch for live reports here on wusa 9 here and on facebook starting at 11: 00 sunday night. meanwhile virginia governor terry mccullough struck down the executive order for storing voting rights for more than 200,000 felons. the supreme court decision says he over stepped his powers. the court ordered the state to cancel the registration of all felons under the order. more than 11,000 felons are registered to vote under that action. the u.s. would tanic garden is waiting for the corpse flower to bloom between july 28 and 31. the flower was put on display yesterday. the video you see here was from 2013 the last time it bloomed
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height of up to 12 feet. the smell is described as a combination of garlic, fish and on thing meat. >> you had me until rotting meet. getting kind of hungry. america's favorite giant panda is capturing our hearts again. >> it's been a while since we turned to the panda cam. doing tricks for pieces of apple and sweet potato during his training session rewarded for following simple commands like lie down or stand up. the video clip has gotten more than 59,000 views on facebook. that is impressive when you are telling a beast of that size to lay down or stand up. >> can't help but smile. he's so cute. >> just looking for a treat there. he owns a multi million dollar e-commerce business and by the way the washington post. now jeff bessos is adding
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we'll tell you what it is straight ahead. and the heat is cranking up this afternoon. we'll take a look at when the heat index finally
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>> we have very good access. >> so for us that's been the biggest thing. we feel like we can be more involved in growing the game. >> i started playing field hockey at age six which is where people play soc
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hockey players come back. so excited to see them take it to a different level and support the hometown girls. >> it's been a great event to have the team come back from san diego to here. >> it's amazing to have the support and the extra help to lean on in a sense. >> the world's fifth ranked team launches their quest for brazil on august 6. this is a first full weekend under metro safe track surge five so this weekend single tracking on the orange and silver lines. they have been putting out an alert for the blue line. there could be some delays because of the work so heads up if you are going to take the blue
7:43 am
and the following weekend this will all end on sunday july 31 and after that straight into surge six. you can download our app to help you get around surge five and continue with metro safe track. today is a yellow alert day. here is wusa 9 first alert weather. >> ellen bryan taking a look at the commute for us and hitting the streets yesterday. the alexandra police department handing out ice cream on a hot day just what the doctor ordered. the snack was free thanks to the police foundation and art league. the team does make sure the ice cream was free to help residents beat that heat and we are in for round two today. you called it disgustingly sticky outside already. >> it is and today is going to feel much worse than yesterday and monday is really when it all peaks so the hottest is yet to come. in terms of right now when you walk outside
7:44 am
muggy feeling outside. your hair instantly frizzes up and this afternoon sweating and your hair is frizzing up. >> story of my life melissa. >> it's not comfortable. let's talk about the dangerous heat because it is something to take seriously especially heading into the afternoon hours. at the moment this morning if you still need to get out and really want to get that jog in this morning it's still okay to do so. sitting in the low 80s didn't even make it into the 70s last night here inside d.c. you'll notice a lot of spots are climbing from the 70s into the 80s this morning as well closer into the beltway college park to 76. here is why. we have our yellow weather alert for the next couple of days. this will continue all the way through monday and likely we may end up extending this further than that as well. hot heat index over 100 every single afternoon going to feel that hot outside. that means it's going to impact your out door exercise plans. get them done early in the morning or if you have to you can do it in
7:45 am
well. you need to stay hydrated with it being so hot outside it's much easier for you to get the heat related illness because that sun is beating down on you so stay hydrated with lots of water not calf nateed drinks, not soda, coffee or alcoholic beverages as well. make sure you are checking on kids and the elderly. they are more susceptible to heat related illnesses and body temperatures to go up quicker because of their age. looking ahead a heat advisory today and yellow weather alert continuing through monday. 90s through the end of next week and each afternoon at least through the middle of the work week heat index well over 100. our heat dome will continue to stay parked over the eastern half of the country and that keeps the dangerous heat and humidity in play. here's the day planner for today lunch time in the low 90s going to be heating up quickly today and the upper 90s th
7:46 am
afternoon factoring in the humidity. i want to show you the difference between the actual temperature, 90s, versus the humidity. already by the time we get towards mid day today lunch time feeling like 100 here are the peak heat index values for today feeling like it's over 105 degrees in a lot of spots and that's why we have a heat advisory for the metro area down through 95 to fredricksburg that will run until 8:00 p.m. this evening. all of these locations in orange counties heat index this afternoon for a prolonged period of time will be near 105 degrees so take it seriously. here's the next five days with our dangerous heat wave. you'll notice the heat index, peak heat index for each day in red and in yellow this orange yellow color is the max temperature for each day. 98 degrees today feeling like 106. tomorrow 98 degrees heat index not quite as high but look at monday. this is the pe
7:47 am
feeling as hot as 110 monday afternoon. that's the day not to be outside at all. tuesday and wednesday still in the mid 90s factoring in the humidity going to be feeling like it's over 100 degrees. so here are the next seven days. today 7:10, 7:05 please stay hydrated. tomorrow if you don't want to stand outside or sit outside in the 98 degree heat you can watch that on the television here on wusa 9. 99 on monday. heat index monday afternoon near 110 and you notice back in the low 90s by friday but still feeling very hot outside. all right on the consumer front notch this saturday school is out but you are still carting the kids around to summer camp. leslie foster has good news about those extra expenses. >> that's right. a tax break for a cool breeze on hot hazy days. day
7:48 am
expenses are included in the child care credit but overnight camp is not. up to $3,000 of child care expenses can count for that credit for one child and up to 6,000 for two or more children. be sure to keep the name of the camp and employer id number and submit the form when you file your taxes. leslie foster, wusa 9. >> thanks leslie. the end of an era you may have thought happened a long time ago was actually happening this morning. there's one company in japan that's still making vhs machines but no longer. the company will stop making them at the end of the month because it had a tough time getting the parts they needed to put them back together. >> you think? i definitely did not get that memo that vcrs were still around. impressive. also in the business world amazon founder and owner of the washington post
7:49 am
officially the world's third richest person inching past warren buffet now worth $65.1 million according to bloomberg's billionaire index. that's a fraction more than buffet. bill gates remains number one with a net worth of $89 billion. keeping your kids safe while riding in the car is a top concern for every parent. >> it is indeed so showing us common mistakes parents make for child seats in this week's segment of driving smart. ♪ [ music ] >> child safety seats are critical but not always easy to use. safe kids worldwide says around 73% of carseats are misused or installed correctly. keep your child safe by avoiding these common mistakes. a carseat harness that
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fit your child properly. the shoulder strap should be at or below shoulder level. in a forward facing seat the strap should be at or above the shoulders. the chest clip should always be at armpit level. check the harness. if you can pinch the webbing tighten the harness until the straps are snug. failing to use a forward facing carseat tether strap reducing head movement in a crash by up to eight inches. unfortunately they are only used about half the time. moving your child out of the rear facing position too soon children should remain rear facing until at least age two or they out grow the height or weight limit on their rear facing carseat. children are five times safer riding than in a forward facing carseat. older children can simply cross their legs or rest them on the seat back to fit
7:51 am
the rear facing position. for the latest car news shopping services and more download our app or visit still to come we are learning more about yesterday's mall shooting in munich this morning that left nine people dead 16 injured. we've got the new developments in the investigation. and the dangerous heat and humidity are here. we'll check out your full we
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when we go to the store, i find my box of honey bunches of oats and i'm checking to see if i packaged it. best cereal in the world right there. if the last 3 letters were p22, that's me! and innow delicious chocolate.
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all right back to the breaking news from overnight in prince georges county a pedestrian hit and killed in capital heights around 10:00 last night. the scene was near the intersection of richie road and edge worth drive. the man who was hit by an suv was not in a cross walk at the time. the driver stayed on the scene and the intersection reopened around 2:00 this morning. new developments in munich this morning just into the news room we learned early this morning german police raided the house believed to be the home of the suspect from the mall shooting and found no links to isis and no indications anyone else was involved. prosecutors are classifying this attack as a classic shooting rampage not terrorism. nine people killed and 16 others wed
7:55 am
in just a couple hours tim kaine is about to stand along side hilary clinton for the first time as her running mate. vp pick announced late last night confirming kaine was her guy. we will see the two take the stage together later today at a rally in miami. nicky is live at a diner in arlington where patrons are reacting to this news. nicky? >> it's certainly been a hot topic. i've heard from both sides of the issue and met a couple of trump supporters who said it didn't matter who hillary chose but they weren't voting anyway. i met supporters and they are thrilled with her pick of tim kaine. he has a long history in virginia and known as a moderate politician and the people i've spoken to here today say they are very happy with her
7:56 am
>> much appreciated. voters aren't the only ones reacting to the news. donald trump himself has nicknamed clinton's new running mate corrupt kaine. the trump campaign calls senator ethically challenged accepting $163,000 in gifts when he was lieutenant governor and governor. back in the district the museum remains closed today following a power outage that effected multiple museums near the national mall yesterday. we are still waiting to hear from the smithsonian whether they will open as scheduled. keep you posted of course on our app. >> and d.c.'s heat emergency plan in effect through monday providing a course of action for services to assist residents seeking relief from the heat. the city has extended spray park hours through next week and public pools and recreation centers will be open longer today as well. remember senior wellness centers and public libraries also e
7:57 am
today? >> it's going to be pretty bad. are we looking at it as good or bad? >> you define it. >> it's going to be bad. limit your time out doors, stay hydrated. reapply the sun screen feeling like 106 this afternoon. tomorrow feeling well over 100 again. going into monday that's when the peak heat. it will feel as hot as 110 monday afternoon for a few people and starting to see it backing down mid to late week but stay safe it's certainly going to be a hot one. >> good advice and remember break out the water bottles. thank you for waking up with us here today. we are back at the same time and place tomorrow. >> don't forget to get the latest news weather and traffic by downloading
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over the next 40 years, the united states population is going to grow by over 90 million people and almost all that growth is going to be in cities. what's the healthiest and best way for them to grow so that they really become cauldrons of prosperity and cities of opportunity? what we have found is that if that family is moved into safe, clean, affordable housing, places that have access to great school systems, access to jobs
7:59 am
then the neighborhood begins to thrive and really, really take off. the oxygen of community redevelopment is financing. and all this rebuilding that happened could not have happened without organizations like citi. and citi has formed a partnership with our company so that we can take all the lessons from the revitalization of urban america to other cities, so we are now working in chicago and in washington d.c. and newark. its amazing how important safe, affordable housing is to the future of our society.
8:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it's july 23rd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning: saturday." the ticket is set. hillary clinton taps virginia senator tim kaine for her presidential running mate. plus, a massacre in munich. a teenage gunman kills nine and injures many more. what sparked the shooting. america hits the grill. 48 states under serious heat with many hitting triple digits. and hundreds of homes are vatic evacuated as a series of california wildfires flare


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